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The Florida Narcotic Officers' Association was formed on July 18, 1992, by a group of law enforcement officers that were involved in the Florida Sheriff's Association Statewide Crack Cocaine Task Force. 

Since it's inception FNOA has increased it's membership exponentially to a group of diverse, conscientious law enforcement investigators to include municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement officers both throughout the State of Florida and beyond.

The FNOA has become one of the most sought after organizations in the State of Florida and beyond for training of narcotic officers .  FNOA, throughout the year, conducts regional training seminars in different areas of the state for free or minimal charge to investigators or their agencies .  Annually, FNOA presents a training conference that has developed into the premiere event of the year and is widely used by state, local and federal agencies as a training venue for their officers and agents. 

The goals of the FNOA are not only to provide the best in training available,  but also to promote multi-agency contacts among narcotic agents around the state and beyond and to promote anti-drug awareness.  

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